Aya Hoshino
Kanji 星野 綾
Rōmaji Hoshino Aya
Nickname Aya
Gender Female
Age 15/16 (start of the series)
18 (end of the series)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Occupation Student
Education Hounan High School
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Relationships Rei Otohata (boyfriend)
Anime Episode 1: The World's Greatest Gal ♥ Go Go → Ran Kotobuki
Manga Chapter 1: The Greatest Kogal in the World
Voice Actors
Japanese Oma Ichimura
English Kim Prause

Aya Hoshino (星野 綾 Hoshino Aya) is one of the main characters in Gals!. She is one of the top student in Hounan High School who became friends with Ran Kotobuki after she saved her from a dark side and Aya is now a loyal Gal to her best friends.


Aya is a tall and beautiful pale-skinned teenager with long black hair that she lets loose most of the time to style it occasionally with bangs hanging on the right side and brown eyes.

She dresses the most simple out of the girls. Her favorite color of her silhouette is blue.


At the beginning of the series, Aya was a very quiet and shy girl who was a loner and she was constantly looked on by her strict parents.

Aya was doing Enjo kō, dating older men for money, many times and almost "did it" but Ran Kotobuki luckily brought some sense to her. Aya seemed to not care about her self in the beginning as she considered it okay to sell her body as long as she didn't sell her soul but after Ran stopped her subsidize dating she gained confidence. Aya was more honest and playful but acts awkward and shy around Rei Otohata (Aya's crush). Over the course of the series, Aya becomes much stronger and assertive of herself.


Aya started the series as a reclusive loner. Aya focused on her studies but Ran heard a rumor that Aya was possibly doing Enjo kō, or dating for money. Aya admitted it to Ran and then avoided her. Luckily Ran stopped Aya before she slept with her date where Aya then joined Miyu Yamazaki and Ran Kotobuki. She started easing up and even altering her style. However, this distracted her from her grades, which took a nosedive. She then started avoiding Ran and Miyu once more and focused on cram school. After talking to Rei Otohata she decided to take charge of her life. Aya then started crushing on Rei. Unfortunately, Rei had a crush on Ran, a crush he kept well hidden. Ran asked him to date Aya and he did, simply out of pity for Aya and to make Ran happy. Aya started following Rei around, which annoyed him and he told her to quit following the crowd. Aya started getting suspicions and they are later confirmed when she learns Rei did it out of a favor for Ran and that he likes her. However, Rei's feelings for Ran are gone and he fell for Aya. The two are then true boyfriend and girlfriend, even heading off to the same college. 

Etymology Edit

  • The name Aya (綾) means "design".
  • Aya's surname Hoshino means "star" (星) (hoshi) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).
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