Miyu Yamazaki
Kanji 山咲 美由
Rōmaji Yamazaki Miyu
Nickname Miyu
Gender Female
Age 15/16 (start of the series)
18 (end of the series)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde with a Orange Ombre
Occupation Student
Education Hounan High School
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Relationships Yamato Kotobuki (Future Husband)
Anime Episode 1: The World's Greatest Gal ♥ Go Go → Ran Kotobuki
Manga Chapter 1: The Greatest Kogal in the World
Voice Actors
Japanese Haruna Ikezawa
English Kira Vincent-Davis
Miyu Yamazaki is one of the main characters of Gals! and Super Gals!. She is a young gal and best friend to Ran Kotobuki. An ex-gang leader, Miyu has made a remarkable turn around and now is a kind citizen and friend. 


Miyu is a tall teenager with a thin frame. She wears platform shoes which also emphisizes her height. Miyu has short hair that is neatly styled with bangs. When she was a gang leader, her hair wasn't styled. Her hair is blonde with a orange ombre. Becuase it is so short, Miyu doesn't typically style her hair.


Miyu is bubbly, headstrong, and kind. She is also independent due to the absence of her parents in her youth. However this also lead her to becoming a gang leader in Junior High. Back then, Miyu was tough, rough, and threatening. However her life changed after meeting Yamato and Ran. She started making changes and soon became bubbly and friendly, referring to herself in the 3rd person. She also has become much more polite but she has retained her fighting instincts.


Miyu was in 3rd grade when her parents divorced. May's father remarried but her mother, who she lived with, focused on finding a new husband rather then her own daughter. She also despised Miyu because of the reminder her ex-husband. Miyu soon fell into a street gang and became the leader of the group "Resistance" but then she met Yamato and Ran, soon changing her ways. Miyu has been haunted by it for many years but has overcome it thanks to Yamato. By the end of the series, Miyu and Yamato married in Hawaii.