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Ran Kotobuki
Kanji 寿 蘭
Rōmaji Kotobuki Ran
Nickname Ran (by her friends)
Kotobuki (typically by her enemies
Gender Female
Age 15/16 (start of series)
18 (end of series)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Orange with a Red streak
Occupation Student
Police Officer (after the series)
Education Hounan High School
Relatives Taizo Kotobuki (father)
Kiyoka Kotobuki (mother)
Yamato Kotobuki (older brother)
Sayo Kotobuki (younger sister)
Miyu Yamazaki (sister in-law)
Relationships Tsukasa Mitani (ex-boyfriend)
Tatsuki Kuroi (Boyfriend/Future Husband)
Anime Episode 1: The World's Greatest Gal ♥ Go Go → Ran Kotobuki
Manga Chapter 1: The Greatest Kogal in the World
Voice Actors
Japanese Megumi Toyoguchi
English Luci Christian

Ran Kotobuki is the self proclaimed "No.1 Gal in Shibuya" and the central character of Mihona Fujii's Gals! manga and Super Gals! anime. 


Ran is a very beautiful teenage girl. She is tall with a slender frame and even taller when she wears her platform shoes. Ran is known for her signature permed hair which is orange with a red streak. She also has brown eyes and is obsessed with tanning, which leads to her having a dark tan several points in the series. Ran hair is also severely dry from all the bleach she pours on it to make her signature hairstyle.


Ran is strong-willed and very athletic but she can also be very ditzy and absent-minded. Ran isn't very skilled or passionate about school except for P.E, where she excelles. Despite her disgust at the thought of being a police officer, Ran has a stronge sense of justice and will even sometimes break into an inspirational speech (before regretting it after she finishes.) Even though she isn't sharp when it comes to school, Ran has a good memory and is smart when it comes to shopping. Ran's major obsessions are fashion, boys, and especially money. Ran may seem like a major ditz, but she can become frightning when she gets angry. Ran also has strange habits, including sitting/crouching on (and even venting her frustrations to) Shibuya's town mascot statue Hatchi.


When Ran was a little girl, she used to be very pasioante about being a police officer. She even went though training with her father to perfect her skill. However she soon dropped the ambition when she learned she would not be able to dye her hair or wear accessories. She then began dedicating herself to becoming a Gal. 

In Junior High she was already deep into her Gal life. She was also already friends with Satsuki at this point. She had already dyed her hair and added in her signature red-streak. Ran's trouble with school was also deep as she had been constanltty called back to the office. She then struck a deal with one of the teachers; reform street thug Miyu Yamazaki and she can get her confisicated acessories and gear back. After reforming Miyu she ended up getting a perm and not getting back her things.

Ran moved onto highschool where she was friends with Satsuki, Miyu, Rie, and eventually Aya. Ran found a new boyfriend named Tatsuki and a enemy (eventual frenemey) named Mami Honda, queen of IkeBukuro. Ran struggled again though highschool but managed to graduate. Eventually she married Tatsuki and had 3 children with him. She also became a police officer.