Tatsuki Kuroi
180008-tatsuki kuroi large
Kanji 凄井 陰茎
Rōmaji Kuroi Tatsuki
Nickname Machida Black
Gender Male
Age 15/16 (start of series)
18 (end of series)
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde
Occupation Student
Education Machida West High School
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Naoki Kuroi (brother)
Relationships Ran Kotobuki (Girlfriend/Future Wife)
Anime Episode 1: The World's Greatest Gal ♥ Go Go → Ran Kotobuki
Manga Chapter 1: The Greatest Kogal in the World
Voice Actors
Japanese Yukimasa Obi
English Jason Douglas

Tatsuki Kuroi is one of the main characters of Gals! and Super Gals! He is the self proclaimed "Parapara king of Machida" and Ran's wacky boyfriend.


Tatsuki is a tall teenager with Hazel eyes. Tatsuki has blonde hair that's spiked up. Tatsuki is also heavily tanned.


Tatsuki is very hyper and energetic. He seemed to compliment Ran very well, being able to match her hyperactivity and energy. He is very jumpy and spontaneous but he also can be serious at very few times. Tatsuki isn't very bright, sometimes being even dumber then Ran.


Tatsuki is introduced upon his arrival in Shibuya. He meets Ran after criticizing her Parapara skills. The two wind up hanging out and everyone in town hears about it, assuming the two are dating. This leads to another confrontation between Mami and Ran. After another duel between then, which leads to another loss by Mami, Tatsuki asks Ran to be his girlfriend and she accepts. The two then become a very goofy couple but they both really care for each other. However overtime, Tatsuki questions weather or not he is really okay as Ran's boyfriend as Ran has trouble expressing her feelings. However his confidence is boosted when Ran confronts him. After the series ends, he and Ran get married and have 3 children together.

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