Yuya Aso
Kanji 麻生 裕也
Rōmaji Asō Yūya
Nickname Yuya
Second Place (english dub)
Gender Male
Age 15/16 (start of series)
18 (end of series)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Occupation Student
Education Meisho Daichi High School
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Relationships Ran Kotobuki (former crush)
Mami Honda (Girlfriend)
Anime Episode 1: The World's Greatest Gal ♥ Go Go → Ran Kotobuki
Manga Chapter 1: The Greatest Kogal in the World
Voice Actors
Japanese Kenichi Suzumura
English Greg Ayres
Yuya Aso is one of the main characters in Gals! and Super Gals!. Yuya, also nicknamed Second Place, was voted the #2 High School Student in the area, runner up to his best friend Rei.


Yuya is a tall teenager with a slender build. Yuya has brown eyes and he also has blonde hair. His blonde hair is typically styled to be spiky at the bottom. 


Yuya is very expressive and energetic. He is very passionate, especially when it comes to Ran. His crush on Ran even leads him to having a crazy imagination where he plays out scenarios, taking the parts of both himself and Ran. His emotions can change swiftly as well, such as when he was modeling during a magazine shoot and he was all depressed until Ran called him and he became all energetic.


Yuya is introduced with Rei when Ran was trying to get a Meisho High bag. He seemed to be intrested in Ran upon meeting her. His crush on Ran develops overtime and becomes a huge part of his life. He will drop anything just to become closer to Ran, despite Ran dosen't acknowledge him as a boyfriend but as a friend (and she was the one who gave him the nickname Second Place.) Later on, he helps Mami Honda after one of her battles with Ran, which leads to Mami falling for Yuya despite Yuya loving Ran. Yuya eventual gives up on his crush on Ran and decides to date Mami. The two stay together and enjoy each other's company a lot